Make Your Car Comfortable
1.Why carbon fiber?
Higher tensile load ability. Fast heating performance in seconds. Client could cut according to seat structure .

2.Why use RELAY system?

We have thermostat in integral to the pad element already. RELAY part will provide another over heating protection. 

3.Why silver conductive lines?

We insist to use silver conductive lines that adhere with carbon fiber elements, that will ensure all conductive points well-connected with elements. No space to spark when they are floating.

4.Why honeycomb mesh ?

All pads mesh is made from machine line. Honeycomb mesh could provide better even heating performance and not overloading on single filament.

5.If we can use different pattern instead of honeycomb?

Yes, you can.However, all new patterns should pass our overloading testing .

6.Do you have testing before or during production?

We test all our pads in 100% after they come from machine line. So does for harness. Moreover, the whole set functional testing will be done before package. It will last 48hrs by 13.5V supply. 

7.Do you have simulation test of siting on seat heater?

We have real car seat with our heater installed that have siting and moving  simulation test in factory. It can pass over 100,000times fatigue testing.

8.Do you have testing report of 48hrs lasting ?

Yes, we provide 48 hrs lasting report to clients with 10 position temperature collection sheet. 

9.What certificate you have recently?

We have Emark and CE certificate for products and TS16949 certificate for factory. We also could accept ETL or QAI testing if needed . 

10.Why you have different switches ?

We do have different switches for clients choosing. They are different performance and function individually. We also could accept new switch ODM project. 

11.Can you produce different size heating element ?

We can produce any size elements that is not bigger than 60*80cm/23*31inch.

12.Could you provide extended cable except regular harness?

Yes, we can provide extended cable for big car installation that is no longer than 1.5meter. 

13.Does the non-woven material is fireproof?

Yes, our material is fire-proof one. We also could provide report accordingly.

14.What package option you have?

Self-sealed polybag, white box with color label, color box or mail box .

15.Can you print client design manual or any other brochure?

Yes, we do. The printing cost will be charged separately.

16.Could you accept client authorized sock and plug type like OE products?

We can source special plug or sock for clients. The higher quality parts will be provided from authorized suppliers that is world-famous brand. 

17.Does all heating element could be retrospected?

Yes, we have printed manufacturing date on every element. Moreover, we have special own tag inside element that can help us to know where was this element come from. 
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